One Law Firm in Midland, MI, for All Your Legal Needs

Legal issues can be expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. If you, your family, or your business is facing a legal situation, seeking advice from a local law firm in Midland, MI, could restore your peace of mind. Whether you’re starting a new business or navigating the Michigan probate process, our experienced attorneys can explain your rights and legal options, help protect your interests, and support you in making informed decisions about the future.

We are proud to announce that Schinners & Cook has opened a second legal office in Midland, MI. Building on the success of our Saginaw practice, our Midland office provides a full range of legal services.

Our experienced legal team assists individuals, families, and companies in Midland and Midland County with all their business law, estate planning, probate, elder law, real estate, and litigation needs. At Schinners & Cook, we take a full-service approach that enables us to build long-term relationships and provide reliable, comprehensive representation that other law firms and solo practitioners cannot.

If you face a legal issue in Midland, MI, call us at 989-799-5000 or complete our contact form today for a free and confidential case review.

Our Legal Services in Midland, MI

At Schinners & Cook, we can assist you in a wide array of legal situations. Our law firm in Midland, MI, works in the following practice areas:

Business law

Estate planning


Elder law


Real estate

Whatever issue you may be facing, our team will always treat you with compassion and respect and will do everything in our power to protect your rights and interests.

If you are looking for a Midland law firm to assist you with all your personal and business legal needs, call 989-799-5000 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free and confidential case review.

Need Legal Advice?

Schinners & Cook can help. Our attorneys can explain your rights, lay out your options, assist with paperwork, and advise you on the next steps. To speak to an experienced Midland lawyer, contact us today.

Midland Business Law

Our lawyers are happy to assist you throughout the life of your company. We will work to protect your current business interests, help you achieve your future goals, and develop custom legal solutions for your unique needs in all aspects of:

Starting a business

Buying a business

Running a business 

Securing licensing

Reviewing financing options

Minimizing start-up and maintenance costs

Minimizing start-up and maintenance costs

Drafting lease agreements

Getting out of your lease early

Dealing with employment issues

Winding down a business

Selling a business

Transferring business interest to another party

Ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations

Protecting your family and employees should something happen to you

Shielding you and the business from liability

Business Litigation

Business transactions can expose you to liability. Sometimes, this results in litigation, but you don’t have to go through it alone. At Schinners & Cook, we work with your accounting advisor to minimize liability exposure by properly structuring transactions and other business operations, including:

Cash flow




Asset and stock sales

Employee issues

Risk management

Contingent and assumed liability

Where litigation is inevitable, our Midland business law attorneys will guide and support you at every stage of the process.

Estate Planning in Midland, MI

A well-thought-out estate plan can enable you to:

Plan for a time when you may become incapacitated

Distribute your assets as you see fit after you die

Protect your estate from creditors and the IRS

Keep your affairs confidential by avoiding probate

Minimize the administrative burden on your loved ones

Thinking about these eventualities is never easy, but you want to make arrangements before it is too late. The estate planning attorneys at our law firm in Midland, MI, can help make the process as smooth as possible so you can prepare for the future with peace of mind.


A will is a document with instructions for the distribution of your assets after you pass away. In your will, you typically name a Personal Representative to manage your estate and guardians and conservators for any minors. However, a will on its own does not always prevent probate, so we recommend pairing it with an estate plan as a backup.

Powers of Attorney

The financial Power of Attorney designates a person (Attorney-in-Fact) to pay your bills and handle any expenses should you become incapacitated. Power of Attorneys can also help avoid the hassle and costs of a formal conservatorship.

Midland Probate

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is hard as it is. Unfortunately, sometimes you must deal with the added pressures of the probate process, but you do not have to do it alone. Without a will, your estate will go to Michigan’s probate court to distribute your assets after you die. Our Midland probate attorneys can guide you through all the steps with sympathy and compassion.

Probate of an Estate

Our probate legal services include:

Appointing a Personal Representative

Assisting the Personal Representative

Notifying all heirs and distributing assets to beneficiaries

Filing all necessary paperwork

Ensuring compliance with Michigan probate laws

Trust Administration

If your late loved one had set up a Trust before they died, Schinners & Cook can help you administer it. Our Trust administration services range from a single distribution to beneficiaries without the need for probate to distribution that lasts years due to the need to care for minor children.

We can also help set up a Trust to protect and distribute your assets according to your wishes once you pass away. A Trust may also allow your heirs to avoid probate and make it harder for other parties to challenge the asset distribution.

Elder Law in Midland

Elder law is similar to but different from estate planning. Estate planning involves planning the distribution of your assets after you die. While elder law also involves some estate planning, its main focus is protecting your assets, rights, and well-being while you are still alive and planning for your later years.

Our Midland elder law attorneys can assist you with a wide range of issues affecting seniors, including:

Disability planning

Long-term care planning

Estate planning, including wills, Trusts, and probate

Elder fraud, including financial abuse of seniors

Medicare and social security issues

Employment discrimination based on age

Litigation in Midland

At Shinners & Cook, we work hard to help you stay clear of legal disputes. If you or your business does face a lawsuit, our attorneys can develop a thorough conflict resolution and litigation strategy to protect your interests.

Negotiated or Mediated Resolutions

You may be able to resolve your dispute without expensive and lengthy litigation. We can help you to pursue a resolution while avoiding litigation and preserving an amicable relationship with the other side through mediation, arbitration, or informal negotiation.

Commercial Litigation

Our law firm in Midland, MI, can represent you in all types of commercial litigation, including:

Breach of contract

Employment lawsuits

Stockholder derivative suits

We will first explore alternative conflict resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. If these do not work, we will take the issue to litigation.

Civil Litigation

Our experienced lawyers at Shinners & Cook can assist you with civil disputes, such as:

Business Litigation

Real estate disputes

Estate planning disputes

Employment matters

Administrative procedures

Non-criminal traffic violations

Liquor Control Commission violations 

Probate Litigation

Whether you are dealing with potential misconduct by Trustees, Personal Representatives, or beneficiaries, we can provide legal representation until you reach a resolution. After that, we can oversee the administration of the estate or Trust to keep issues in check.

Real Estate Disputes 

Our Midland real estate attorneys can help you with litigation involving:

Zoning issues


Development rights

Boundary disputes

Conflicts in purchase agreements

Problems relating to the sale, purchase, or ownership of real estate

Midland Real Estate Law

We can help you save time and money and avoid complications in transactions involving residential or commercial real estate, including:




Hunting rights

Like-kind exchanges

Ordinance issues

Property tax appeals

Deal negotiation

Zoning changes

Development property

Easements and licenses

Homeowners Associations

Condominium Associations

Property sales and purchases

Environmental issues and protection

Our real estate clients in the Midland area include everyone from buyers and sellers through builders, developers, and contractors to landlords, tenants, and business professionals.

Comprehensive, Confidential Legal Services from Our Experienced Law Firm in Midland, MI

The experienced attorneys at Shinners & Cook can guide you through any personal or business legal issue.

Together, we will examine your case, explain your rights, and discuss potential next steps. We will fight to protect your interests, all while treating you and your family with sympathy and respect.

Our law firm in Midland, MI, serves individuals, families, and businesses in all of Midland and Midland County. To get a better idea of our expertise and the quality of our service, read the testimonials from our many satisfied clients on our website.

Call Shinners & Cook at 989-799-5000 or fill out the online contact form for a free and confidential case review.


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