Business Law

Business Law

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The law’s impact on your business interests can be complex and must take into account a wide range of factors including your business history, current business interests, and your goals for the future. That’s why all of our attorneys have a keen understanding of what is necessary to start and run a business, sell it, or transfer it to a family member. Our experience in protecting the diverse business interests of a wide range of clients allows us to offer customized solutions for your complex legal needs.

Common Questions Regarding Business Law:

How can I be sure that I am starting my business on sound legal footing?

What are the requirements for compliance with Federal and State business regulations?

What if my business expands beyond my current facility’s limits – can I get out of my lease early?

If something happens to me, how can I protect my family and employees?

Starting a business can be as simple as two people shaking hands over a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, a handshake doesn’t offer you much legal protection. We can keep the launch of your business as simple as possible, yet ensure that your business interests are protected. We can also help you establish a business framework that is flexible enough to meet both your current and future needs, including priorities such as:

  • Minimizing start-up costs
  • Employment issues
  • Reviewing financing options
  • Licensing issues
  • Developing lease agreements
  • Liability protection
  • Construction planning
  • Maintaining your business

Even successful businesses can improve or save money by expanding, streamlining, or adapting their operations.

We can help you navigate the legal aspects of:

  • Major business transactions
  • Real estate and more
  • Estate planning
  • Buying or selling your business
  • Litigation

Buying or selling a business can be risky. If done improperly, your expected profits may turn into significant tax liabilities. The way your transaction is structured impacts your taxes and deductions, and protects or exposes the existing operation to liability. Working with your accounting advisor, we can help you with all transactional considerations, including:

  • Asset and stock sales
  • Impact on employees
  • Contingent and assumed liability
  • Expenses
  • Inspections
  • Risk management
  • Cash flow concerns
  • Tax implications

If you’d like to know more about protecting your business interests, contact the business experts at Shinners & Cook.

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