Using Website Terms and Conditions to Protect Your Business

Terms and conditions for a website are an important legal document for any business. The terms and conditions constitute a license agreement spelling out the rights and obligations in connection with any person’s use of your business website.

Despite the fact that terms and conditions are an important and binding legal agreement, many businesses simply copy and paste terms and conditions from other websites. However, many of the terms and conditions available on the internet are not drafted by an attorney and therefore often do not properly comply with legal requirements or grant your business full liability protection.

In our modern era of online and mobile commerce, the existence of a website may expose your business to lawsuits throughout the country and therefore one of the primary aims of any business website’s terms and conditions should be limiting your liability. Terms and conditions can determine jurisdiction and venue for any suit, limit statute of limitation claims, provide for warranty limitations and indemnification, and determine title and risk of loss for shipping goods. As with any agreement, the terms and conditions should be clear and unambiguous and users of your website should be able to clearly understand their rights and obligations.

An attorney can assist in developing the “rules” for your website, determine what clauses to include and tailor the agreement to your individual business needs. In addition, an attorney can properly advise you how to incorporate the terms and conditions throughout your website. Our Firm has assisted businesses large and small in developing, reviewing, and amending their terms and conditions. In addition, our Firm has developed terms and conditions which may be tailored for your business website, whether it be retail, manufacturing, distribution, or service-oriented. To contact me about your company’s terms & conditions, please click here.


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