Saginaw, MI Elder Law Attorney

Saginaw, MI Elder Law Attorney

Saginaw, MI Elder Law Attorney

The high cost of long-term care has made planning a critically important issue for most middle-class seniors and families. Most seniors will likely require some form of long-term care. Sadly, many of them are unprepared for the significant financial burdens it places on their family’s hard-earned savings. Financial devastation looms large for a family facing ongoing care at a rate of $10,000 or more per month.

Shinners and Cook help individuals and families in Michigan plan for their future and the special needs of loved ones by making sure that they have the proper legal documents in place and the best advocacy possible to protect and provide for them and the people they love.

What is Elder Law?

Elder Law is the field of Law specializing in issues that affect individuals as they get older. This area of Law covers several different situations, such as disability planning, long-term care, estate planning, and more. At the same time, it’s great to have family available to help you with the planning and decision-making regarding your assets and your health. An Elder Law attorney is uniquely positioned to help.

Our experienced attorneys can offer crucial legal advice that helps older people properly plan and organize their later years. So, as you and your loved one’s age, you have the most control over essential decisions affecting assets, health care, and quality of life.

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What Does Elder Law Consist Of?

Some of the most common issues an Elder Law attorney will deal with include the following:

  • Elder fraud

    Elder fraud usually entails the financial abuse of an aging person’s finances or resources, often at the hands of someone they trust. For example, a family member with access to an older adult’s bank account is supposed to be paying their bills and setting up long-term care for them, but instead, they use the money on themselves.

  • Probate, wills, and trusts

    Many aging people feel the need to meet with an experienced attorney to help them set up trusts or draft and execute a will. Trusts generally offer people a way to protect their money or other assets and distribute them as they please once they pass away. Setting up trusts often allows the heirs to avoid probate, making it more difficult for other family members to dispute how an older person’s resources are distributed.

  • Long-term care planning

    One of the significant decisions we may all have to face in our lives is what we will do and where we will go if we become unable to care for ourselves. Long-term care can be costly. An experienced attorney can help you start setting up a long-term care plan before you need it instead of scrambling to figure out what to do when an issue arises.

  • Medicare and social security issues

    Health care and income become a significant issue as we age. While Medicare and social security are supposed to be simple to navigate, they are often very confusing. Speaking with an Elder Law attorney who is experienced in these areas can be immensely helpful. There are additional health care policies available to older people and government rules and regulations regarding investments and asset distribution that an experienced Elder Law attorney can help with.

  • Employment discrimination

    As we age, we face the unfortunate reality of discrimination in the workplace. While it’s illegal for an employer to discriminate against you because of your age, it still happens. If you find yourself in this position, an Elder Law attorney can help.

What Is the Difference Between Elder Law and Estate Planning?

While there are many similarities between Elder Law and estate planning, there are key differences as well. Both areas of law attempt to help people plan for their future and protect their assets. Estate law generally focuses on planning how to handle a person’s assets after they’ve passed away. Elder Law may also help a person plan for what happens to their assets once they pass away, but it primarily focuses on protecting an older adult’s rights while they’re still alive. Unfortunately, the elderly can sometimes be victims of financial fraud and even physical abuse by their family members. An Elder Law attorney can assist if that type of abuse is taking place.

What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

Elder Law attorneys advocate for the aging population in many different ways. Most Elder Law attorneys take a holistic approach to legal issues that this population is facing. It’s essential to look at everything going on in a person’s life, not just one problem.

For example, an Elder Law attorney might deal with estate issues, advance directives, drafting wills, and setting up trusts – all for the same person. It’s essential to look at a person’s entire life and plan to protect their rights. Looking at someone’s health, the status of their family situation and finances is essential for an Elder Law attorney to do when meeting with a client. Planning is key.

At What Age Should a Person Contact an Elder Law Attorney?

Many people wonder at what age they should consider contacting an Elder Law attorney. One of the biggest mistakes people make is waiting too long to take care of many important decisions in their lives.

Once you need an Elder Law attorney, it’s often difficult to obtain everything you’re looking for at the last minute. For example, an Elder Law attorney can help you plan long-term care long before you need it. This is important because it’s generally impossible to purchase a long-term care insurance policy at an affordable price once you need it. Instead, you need to buy that type of care before it’s required. It’s then necessary to allow time to elapse before you can use your benefits. Estate planning is similar in that it’s always good to start planning early.

Call Shinners & Cook, We Can Help With Your Elder Law Issues

Elder Law is a vital area of practice. It allows older people to get the help they need with their finances and all of their assets. It also allows them to get assistance in setting up long-term care and lifestyle planning so they can have the best future possible, even if issues start to arise as they age. If you have Michigan Elder Law questions or looking for an Elder Law attorney in Michigan, Shinners & Cook is here to help. Contact us today by calling (989) 799-5000 to schedule a consultation at our Saginaw office.

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